You might find many 3D model builder games, but this one obviously will be the best you can find. Taking your real-life models to the virtual level and using your head to create different elegant models is the prime objective of this 3D model app.

VIDA BLOCKS is a 3D model game and a 3D puzzle game that helps you with construct simulation. It is brought to you by the KodeX team which provides you nothing but the best when it comes to bringing your imagination to reality.

You can create a model in your own mobile or tablet or whatever the device that you are using. Use these 3D model kits to discover and experience new dimensions of your imagination. You can create models that are either very simple or very complex.

With the help of this 3D model plant, you finally get the chance to create your motorcycle or car while at the comfort of your living room. These virtual models provide you with a fun and interactive way to explore your own ideas.

Engineering games are popular among kids of all ages because they are explorative and are ahead in the technology. Most of the kids in this generation seek games that will encourage them to think out of the box and involved in something meaningful. This is exactly what VIDA BLOCKS is about! The game provides the users to use the available models, stickers and colours to create a design that is unique and new.

Check out the cool features brought to you by VIDA BLOCKS:

  • Explore how creative you are with models, wide colour palettes, and cool stickers.
  • Top vehicle models like Chopper, and sports cars along with super weapons like Colt 1911, Smith and Wesson Model 53 and many more.
  • Need some dinosaurs to cheer you up? Well there is a monstrous collection.
  • The best method to study real art and physics with the models built by the top-notch scientists in the world like Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • A simple and clear shop that makes in-app purchases easy – Affordable prices.
  • 20 stickers and enhancement options. 10 super cool background images.
  • Unlimited number of variations with the best opportunity to explore your imagination.
  • And … loads of fun to carry with you!

The in-app purchases and achievement levels makes the experience more fun and gives you the opportunity to get more models for your creations.


is all about combining your imagination and creativity with the developments in the digital world.

Model assembling grants you a perfect way to understand the engineering in these models. But the fun does not end there because giving your model a final touch of creativity is more exciting than you think. Those entire colour palettes are waiting to be put on each and every part of your model.

Another best way to put a sign in these virtual designs in stickers is using a creative combination of the many stickers available in the stock and creates a signature design of your own. From the texture of the surface to the colours and stickers, everything can be used to personalise your model.

With VIDA BLOCKS you are going to love your phone. You can play with your 3D model game while on your bus and use the time on something rather creative and interesting. The time spent on your own creativity is never going to be a waste, because creative minds design the world.

  • With VIDA BLOCKS you get to enjoy not just a game but also yourself. Well, at the end of the day, it is you who created it.
  • Discover how things combine, how things work, how colours are matched, how models are built and run.
  • Discover how each little piece in a car can make a huge difference.
  • VIDA BLOCKS provide mutual inspiration to understand the operation of active components in a model to receive a clear insight about their functioning and importance.
  • This is not limited to children because it is truly dedicated in order to provide an opportunity to entertain and educate people.
  • You can also share your ideas with VIDA BLOCKS. Create your model and share it on social media platforms to get the comments and suggestions of people with similar interests.

All the virtual model kits in this 3D model app are available in boxes, and step by step assembling guides. You get first hand experience as if you were unpacking a real 3D model kit. The time of worrying about purchasing those is at practically at very high costs are over because VIDA BLOCKS becomes absolutely the perfect method to explore all those dreams you have had without paying large dollar bills.

This easy to use, easy to design, and very affordable models are a must have experience that is only brought to you by VIDA BLOCKS developed by the amazing KodeX team!